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Website Design Clacton, Affordable website design in clacton, professional website design that works for you! Try before you buy without Obligation. Call us today to book your FREE Consultation


Your brand is a key asset that will help your customers to remember your business, no matter its size or age - it is not just about creating a logo.


Question: If you were approached by 2 separate companies offering the same fantastic offer on a product or service that you needed – who would you choose?


Company 1 – A fantastic offer is typed on A4 white paper and a business card printed from a standard office printer, is stapled to the letter. Both are folded and inserted in a plain envelope.


Company 2 – The same fantastic offer is typed on a quality headed paper which has been designed with a professional logo. The letter is enclosed in an A4 printed folder along with two A4 inserts about the product/service and a glossy 2 sided business card which has been professionally printed. The folder is inserted in an envelope which has the company logo printed on it.


So, which company would you choose to take up the fantastic offer? Probably it would be Company 2 because it screams out ‘professional’ and ‘trustworthy’.


You are probably thinking why you would even consider doing what Company 1 did? The most common answer to that by companies is ‘we would love to, but we can’t afford it’, ‘how does a start up company afford a professional look when all our money is needed for our set up’.


These are just a few of the reasons why Target Marketing now offer our ‘ready steady start up’ packages; designed for new companies who need a professional look but haven’t got huge budgets! Ready, steady, Target start up package, a logo, tagline, web presence, letterhead, invoice, compliment slip and business card design for only £249.00 complete.


At Target Marketing, we understand that there is a lot to take into consideration when starting up a company. One of the most important is ensuring you have a professional appearance that projects the right message to your customers.


Creating your company’s brand is one of the most important things that you’ll do as a business owner! Your brand is a key asset that will help your customers to remember your business – it is not just about creating a logo it’s about much more!


Image is everything. We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Therefore, it only makes sense for a company to have a strong graphical representation in their business which can help them to become successful and attract new customers.


Why choose a creative partner?


Using professional design agencies to help create your brand will ensure that your appearance is distinct and leaves a lasting impression. Professional designers understand the importance of creating an image that aptly represents a company and communicates their identity. The success of a business may depend on it. By attempting to design your own image you can cheapen your business offering. It needn’t cost a fortune to create the right image.


How do I choose my creative partner?


Your design partner should be experienced, established and have a broad client list. Have a good look at their website, check out examples of their previous projects, meet with them and decide if you can work together.


Target Marketing based in Clacton offers innovative branding, stationery, marketing literature and websites that will give your company just the start it needs. As an established design agency, we understand your requirements, will create a unique image for your business and guide you through the start up process.


So whether it’s a business card or a brochure, remember good design is important and says a lot more than you think!

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Kodak sell camera`s, but they advertise memories... Its about what you say...