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Website Design Clacton, Affordable website design in clacton, professional website design that works for you! Try before you buy without Obligation. Call us today to book your FREE Consultation


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Websites from Only £199

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These days more and more people want to research businesses and products on-line and then buy in the traditional, offline way. If you’re serious about promoting your business, then a good website design is your virtual shop window, enticing potential customers, instilling confidence in you and the goods and services you offer. So if you cut corners and don’t have a website, you could be doing your business more harm than good! And given that Yell for example typically charge over £4,000 (see here) for a bespoke website whilst ours start at £199, we know that we offer extraordinary value for money.


Your website may be as simple as letting people know your phone number and opening hours – an electronic business card - or as complex as a searchable database of your products.


What can a GOOD website do for you?


Your website is open for business 24 hours.

Let your website work for you, giving your customers what they want when they want it. It’s busy increasing brand awareness and increasing sales while you sleep!


If you're not online, you can bet your competition is.

If you don't have a website, or your customers find your website difficult to use, they won't hesitate to click on to your competitor's site!


Cost effective advertising.

A small advert in the local paper can cost upwards of £30 per week – imagine how much a colour advert with text and images would cost! And it would only run for a short space of time. Your website is an online advertisement, it’s permanent but can be updated regularly, and can be much more cost-effective if used properly.


Fast, easy, cheap communication with your customers.

Why print & post out brochures when your customers can download them? Offer instant information and faster communication via your website and email - much cheaper and faster than fax or post.


Provide better customer service and value-added extras that put you above your competitors.

You can offer articles, information, forums, newsletters - all of these things add to your customers’ perceived value of your products or services and build better relationships.


A website gives you the chance to advertise your business, promote your services, attract new customers and relay information – why would you want to limit your potential?


Why use Target Marketing?


We offer clean, quick loading, easy to navigate websites that reflect the services our clients offer, but with a strong call to action. We know that websites have the most impact when they are heavy on images that resonate with the potential customer (a picture is a thousand words).


What makes us different from all of our competitors and unique in the UK is that we come up with a concept for you without obligation, put simply should you not like what we come up with then you are under no obligation to go ahead with the site. We feel that its only fair for you to actually see live on the web what your are getting before you have to pay anything.


As a marketing company, not just website designers we adopt a different attitude to website design, we understand that sites need to offer the following for our clients;


Impact, we have four seconds to grab the viewer and say something to make them stay and browse


Overcome objections


Build desire


Build credibility


Make it easy for the potential client/customer to make contact

What does your website say about you?.


Our Success, Depends on Yours

"If your not using Target then I can only assume that you have no need of new customers"


Bobby Rekhi, The Esplanade Hotel, Clacton

"The number of potential new clients coming through the door has risen fourfold"


Nick Westlake, Gallery Fitness, Clacton

Would you rather a Marketing Company or an IT Company Design Your New Website?